Approved Budgets

                The existing building of the board was constructed in1975. The condition of the said building is deplorable. There was no hall in the existing campus. To meet the requirements of the hall either board authorities used hall on rent or do functions in schools/colleges. At such stages the authorities face in convenience. Sufficient funds were lying in the Development Account of the Board. To avoid such problems A multipurpose hall is being constructed in the Board Campus. Total cost of the project is Rs.5,73,19,152/-.The approval of the project was accorded by the BOG in its meeting held on 24-02-2015.Total covered area of the ground floor is 6242 Sft and ist floor is 8975 Sft. The hall building is consisting of following:-

  • i. Hall 60’-6”X87’-3”
  • ii. Verandah 5’ at both sides.
  • iii. Entrance lobby 25’X35’-9”.
  • iv. Toilets. 2=24-3”X14’-2”,2=5’X8’
  • iv. Invigilators rooms. 6=18’X13’,2=11’-4”X12’
  • v. Stair case.
  • vi. Stage with passage.
  • vii. Seating capacity of the hall is 476 persons.

  •                  The work is being done under the supervision of consultant i.e., M/s Allied Engineering Consultant, Pvt. Ltd. Lahore. M/s Shalimar Construction Company Mela Mndi Govt. contractor Sargodha is executing the work. The wok was started on 14-08-2015 and expected to be completed up to 14-06-2015. The foundation work is completed. Columns have been erected. Shuttering of the 1st floor is in progress.