Board Functions and Objectives
Powers and Duties of the Chairman
          The Chairman shall exercise control over the Office of the Board as its principal executive and academic officer and shall do all acts to ensure that the officers and the staff properly perform the duties entrusted to them. In particular he shall:

          1. Write confidential reports on the work of officers and employees of the rank of Superintendent and above:

          2. Appointment of Supervisory, evaluative and other academic staff or committees, concerned with the conduct of Examinations.
Powers and duties of the Secretary
          1. The Secretary shall, subject to the control of the Chairman be incharge of the academic and administrative sector of a Board’s Office and cause
               the orders and decisions of a Board and the Chairman to be carried out.

          2. The Secretary shall take all possible steps to ensure that the funds of a Board are spent on the purpose for which they are provided.

          3. The Secretary shall cause to be prepared and submit to a Board for approval the Annual statement of accounts and budget estimates.

          4. All meetings of the Board and the committees shall be convened by the Secretary under the direction of the Chairman. While preparing the
              agenda for a meeting of a Board or a committee, the Secretary shall carry out the directions of the Chairman given in this respect and no item
              shall be placed on such agenda or be considered in the meeting without the prior permission of the chairman.

          5. The Secretary shall record the minutes and maintain the record s of the proceedings of the Board and the committees.

          6. The Secretary shall conduct the official correspondence of the Board under the authority of the Chairman except the correspondence relating
               to the conduct of Examinations.

          7. All fees and dues payable to the Board, and all sums received by the Secretary, shall be credited without delay to the account of the Board in
               the Government Treasury or a bank approved by the Board.

          8. The Secretary shall issue to successful candidates on behalf of the Board in the prescribed form certificates of having passed the
               Examinations held by the Board.

          9. The Secretary shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Chairman.

          10. Notwithstanding anything contrary contained in these regulations, the Board may assign to any other Officer or Officers such duties of the
                 Secretary as it may deem necessary.
Duties and Powers of the Controller of Examinations.
         The Controller of Examinations shall subject to the control of the Chairman, be incharge of the examination sector of the Board, and shall…

          1. Make arrangements for the conduct of all Examinations of the Board;

          2. Conduct official correspondence of the Board relating to the Examinations: and

          3. Perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the Chairman from time to time.
Audit Officer:
         The audit officer audits the accounts and the bills to be paid from the funds of Board. No expenditure to be made from the funds of the Board, unless the bill has been audits by the Audit Officer. In conformity with the regulation and rules.